Barack Obama, the Veto-Less President

No president since Millard Fillmore has vetoed fewer bills.

Have Republicans Found a Way to Insure Poor People and Still Hate Barack Obama?

 We may have just reached a tipping point on Medicaid expansion.

SCOTUS to Texas: Go Forth and Discriminate Against Your Citizens Starting Monday

Even though a federal judge ruled Texas's new voting law to be an unconstitutional poll tax, the high court said it must remain in effect for the coming midterm elections.

Why Liberals Love (and Trust) NPR

It's not about ideological content, it's about a sensibility.

John Kasich Successfully Begins Two-Year Ritual of Self-Flagellation

As Mitt Romney showed, you can be infected with the Obamacare virus and win the GOP nomination, so long as you perform the proper cleansing rites.

On Ebola, Like Terrorism, We Don't Actually Have to Be Right 100 Percent of the Time

Imagine if we thought that way about the things that actually kill Americans every year.

The Return of the 'Different Kind of Republican'

Rand Paul says he can win a third of the African-American vote. Who's the real target of his effort?

Are You Ready for Some Terror?

Republicans seem to have decided that fear is the wagon they can ride to victory in next month's election.

Fear of Lawsuits Is Not Why We Spend So Much On Health Care

A new study shows that "defensive medicine" isn't driving costs.

Some Things More Likely to Kill You Than Ebola

You want to feel afraid? Here are some things to be afraid of.

It's Not Your Senator's Job to Stop Ebola

If only we didn't act like politicians could solve every problem.

Can Robots Offer Amazon Moral Redemption?

Those warehouse jobs may be awful, but they're going to disappear before long.

Kentucky Candidates Agree: Coal Is the Future!

Even as only a tiny number of people in the state still work in mining, voters there would rather be sold a fantasy of a coal revival than face reality.

Maybe That Wendy Davis Attack Ad Wasn't Really So Bad, After All

The campaign of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate isn't trying to make voters contemptuous of Abbott for his disability, they're trying to make voters contemptuous of him for being a particularly cold-hearted brand of hypocrite.

A Wild Week for Voting Rights

Conflicting Supreme Court actions in current cases have voters' heads spinning.