Via Mother Jones, we see that Mike Huckabee is claiming in about as explicit a way as he can that God has engineered his recent rise in the polls:

Isn't that a tad presumptuous? Or is Huckabee just saying that God is giving him a temporary bump in the polls, only to send his campaign crashing down later, in order to demonstrate to His earthly subjects the danger of hubris and the importance of early fundraising?

According to MoJo, Huckabee later tried to backtrack a little bit, saying all he meant was that "when people pray, things happen." I for one want to know much more about Huckabee's views on intercessory prayer as it relates to the duties of the president. If a hurricane threatens the Gulf Coast, will he be asking Americans to ask God to send the hurricane away and instructing FEMA to prepare an emergency response, or only the former?

I'm kidding (a little), but if Huckabee wants to run for president as God's anointed candidate - which he plainly does - than he absolutely deserves to be asked more, and more detailed, questions about his religious beliefs than the rest of field, just as Giuliani should be asked more questions about his plans for further invasions of Middle Eastern countries, Obama should be asked more questions about how exactly he'll be bringing Democrats and Republicans together, and so on.

--Paul Waldman

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